Disproportionate burden assessment for the retention schedule


As part of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act to keep a record of all our processing activities where personal data is held on our Information Asset Register. The Register includes the retention schedule for each of those information asset. The retention schedule lists the main types of records the Council holds and how long they should be kept for, and why, before they can be destroyed.

Benefits of creating an accessible version

The benefits of creating an HTML version of this PDF would be:
  • A fully accessible version for all users to access
  • An easily searchable and indexable version

Burden placed on the organisation

We have estimated that it would take around 5 days of a content designer's time to create a HTML version of this PDF.

Contributing factors

Other factors relevant to this decision are:
  • We have streamlined the information where possible and used a table to make the layout easier to read for people who do not have a disability which needs an accessible format.
  • There was a requirement to have up-to-date information on the website.
  • We have never received a request for an accessible version of the document and will continue to assist with accessible versions on request.


After taking into consideration the importance of having up-to-date information on the website and the complexity of this document - which would make converting it into HTML a long and difficult process - we have decided to publish this document as a PDF. This represents a disproportionate burden on the organisation.

View the retention schedule

If you need any of the information from the PDF provided in another format, contact dpo@colchester.gov.uk.

Page last reviewed: 29 March 2022


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