Disproportionate burden assessment for the Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Documents


The Council has adopted the Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document. It is a statutory requirement of the planning legislation that the Local Planning Authority publishes all relevant Planning Policy Documents on their website following adoption.

Benefits of creating an accessible version

The benefits of creating a HTML version of this PDF would be:
  • A fully accessible version for all users to access
  • An easily searchable and indexable version

Burden placed on the organisation

The document is of a technical nature. We have estimated that it would take a disproportionate amount of content designer's time to create an HTML version of these PDFs.

Contributing factors

Other factors relevant to this decision are:
  •  Interest in the document is likely to be low as targeted local interest and limited in number.
  • Many of the interested parties are likely to professionally/technically minded so anticipate that the majority wising to view the document are familiar with the nature of the information.
  • We will continue to assist with accessible versions on request.


Having considered the estimated effort involved in creating an accessible version along with the relatively low estimated demand, we have concluded that the work involved would be an inappropriate use of staff time. This represents a disproportionate burden on the organisation.

View the Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Documents

If you need any of the information from the PDF provided in another format, contact Planning.Policy@colchester.gov.uk.

Page last reviewed: 10 February 2023


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