Report an Abandoned Vehicle

Use this service to:

    Report either

    • a DVLA registered Abandoned Vehicle Car, Van, Motorbike etc
    • a Non DVLA registered Abandoned Bicycle, Trailer, Caravan etc
    Colchester Borough Council follows Central Government Guidance in assessing how it will respond to reported Abandoned DVLA registered Vehicles:

    It is unlikely that a vehicle would be authorised for removal if it has current Vehicle Tax unless other factors apply (see guidance above)

    It is therefore recommended that residents check the Vehicle Tax Status prior to reporting an abandoned vehicle, you can check on the DVLA's website by entering the registration number

Before you start:

    You will need to know if the vehicle is taxed
    • The vehicle's registration
    • The type of vehicle and the make, model & colour
    • The location of the vehicle and whether it is on private land
    • You need know whether the vehicle is burnt out
    • A rough estimate of how long the vehicle has been at the location for
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