Your stories – Paul Horwood

Paul Horwood 
Committee Treasurer for Colchester Countryside Volunteer Rangers (CCVR) 

When did you start volunteering for the council?  

February 2011.

Why did you choose to volunteer?  

I had been made redundant and needed to find something to occupy my time. I also wanted to meet new people and be engaged in helping the community. 

Describe what you do in 100 words

I maintain our volunteer group account records, which includes collecting funds paying invoices and preparing annual accounts for the auditor and our AGM. I attend quarterly committee meetings, giving a financial report.  I arrange our Christmas volunteer buffet, which involves approaching local supermarkets and our Community Council for funding.

I enjoy helping to produce items such as bird and bug boxes to be sold in the High Woods Country Park Visitors Centre, and as part of that, I invoice the council for our items sold in the visitors centre, keeping our paperwork up to date. Lastly, I promote Colchester Countryside Volunteer Rangers (CCVR) at events with a view to recruiting new volunteers. 

What do you enjoy most about your role?   

Meeting new people and engaging with my fellow committee members and other volunteers. 

Throughout your volunteering with the council, what has been your most rewarding moment?   

Being asked to join the Committee and then becoming Treasurer and for 2 years acting as Chairperson. 

What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering for the council?  

Most definitely to sign up and enjoy all the many aspects of this wonderful organisation. 

Describe the council in one word


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