Your stories – Elizabeth Appleby

Elizabeth Appleby
Litter Warrior Co-ordinator for Layer de la Haye  

When did you start volunteering for the council?   

I’ve been litter picking in Layer for over 10 years. Our first group was called “PALS” (People Against Litter) and the council supplied some of our equipment. We joined Litter Warriors about five years ago. Our Parish Council are also very supportive and are willing to purchase equipment for us if required. 

Why did you choose to volunteer?   

I was already working temporarily for Essex County Council at Colchester Institute and my move to Colchester Council was a chance to expand my skills and get a permanent role in another local authority role. 

Describe what you do in 100 words

I am the organiser of a group of 25 volunteers who all live in the village of Layer. I organise group litter picks, but we also all have a road or area to keep clean in our own time. It works very well as every road in the village is covered by a “Warrior” now. So, personally, I litter pick the estate roads in Layer every month, or more if it needs doing. 

What do you enjoy most about your role?   

Seeing a rubbish strewn road or countryside area, clean and free from litter. 

Throughout your volunteering with the council, what has been your most rewarding moment?    

Bounstead Road is close to our village and runs through Friday Woods. It is heavily used and the litter is constantly bad. This is rewarding to litter pick, but disheartening as well, because it gets quickly litter strewn again. 

We did our first clearing last month, of detritus and vegetation from a footpath which was virtually unusable due to being so overgrown. It was on a very narrow and dangerous stretch of road. Villagers have been very appreciative of the result. 

What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering for the council?   

Any sort of volunteering is very rewarding. It helps the council as funds are short and we are doing work that the council can no longer afford to cover. 

Describe the council in one word


If you are interested in joining Elizabeth, find more information on becoming a Litter Warrior volunteer.

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