Your stories – Alex Harris

Alex Harris 
Disabled Facilities Grants Caseworker 

How long have you worked for the council?   

I have worked for the council for 42 years.  

Why did you choose to work for the council?   

I was already working temporarily for Essex County Council at Colchester Institute and my move to Colchester Council was a chance to expand my skills and get a permanent role in another local authority role. 

Describe what you do in 100 words

A Disabled Facilities Grant can help to install such things as stairlifts, access ramps, level access showers, door widening and level thresholds, in the homes of vulnerable residents who need extra support to stay in their own home.  

By either visiting or phoning a client I provide advice and support with the Disabled Facilities Grant process, which includes completing the relevant application forms, gathering all the required supporting documents/financial information if they need means testing, completing the financial means test, advising them on any benefits they might be entitled too.  

What do you enjoy most about your role?   

Making a difference to people’s lives and enabling them to stay in their own home.  

Throughout your career at the council, what has been your most rewarding moment?    

Seeing a person being able to get up the stairs and their joy at being able to take a shower safely for the first time in a long while. 

What would you say to someone thinking about a career at the council?   

With such a variety of different services provided by the council there are numerous interesting opportunities in anything from planning, museums, leisure, housing, environmental health. It is rewarding work when you can see you are making a difference to people’s lives. 

Describe the council in one word

Serving (as in serving our community).

Page last reviewed: 15 May 2024


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