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Street Cleaning

To report litter or other street-cleaning concerns please click the button below to complete our Street Cleaning Form.

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Road Sweeping

Public roads in Colchester are swept on a regular basis.


During the months of October, November and December, Colchester's sweepers concentrate on 'leafing'.
Due to a high density of trees in certain areas, we put on hold our normal street cleaning schedule to clear this leaf fall.
Cleaning schedules resume in January.

Litter picking

In addition, your roads will be litter picked fortnightly. 
This will be allocated the same way as your recycling calendar and will either be litter picked on a green week or blue week.


A12 Litter picking

The A12 from Easthorpe to Lodge Lane falls under the responsibility of Colchester Borough Council. Alternative verges and slips roads are picked on a three week cycle (weather permitting). Central reservations are cleared when there is a scheduled road closure that includes these.

The next days of clearing are 3rd and 4th of December 2016 and every three weeks thereafter.


Street Litter Recycling Bins

Colchester Borough Council collects over 4,000 tonnes of street litter each year. 

There are litter recycling bins installed in Colchester High Street, St Nicholas Square and Head Street.
The bins are clearly labelled for plastics, paper and cans.

If there is an area of Colchester that you feel could benefit from recycling litter bins or you are a school, business or private landowner and would like to discuss installing these bins yourselves. Please contact us.

To report damage to a street litter bin or let us know that one of our bins requires emptying, please complete our Street Cleaning Form by clicking the button at the top of this page.

Mechanical sweeper routes - under review

The mechanical sweeper routes are currently under review and this page will be updated soon with a detailed schedule for your information.

More information

If your road does not appear on our schedule it may be because it is a private road or not adopted by Essex County Council.

Please call us on 01206 282700 for further information.