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Single Person Discount

We can offer a 25% discount if you live alone, or if other people living with you do not count for Council Tax purposes.

How to apply

Do it online This link opens in a new browser window

If you are eligible, a new bill will be sent with your discount applied. Until you get your new bill, you should continue to pay in line with your current payment schedule.

Change of circumstance?

Please let us know straight away if there are any changes that affect your discount or exemption, failure to inform the Council of any changes could lead to a fine.

This includes:

  •  someone moving out
  •  someone moving in
  •  a trainee or student finishing a course or giving up training
  •  a resident going into hospital for long term care
  •  a person becoming 18

information icon Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window From time to time we may send you a review form asking to confirm the details of people living in your home. If there is a change, we will adjust your Council Tax bill from the date the change occurred.