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My circumstances have changed

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You must tell us immediately if any of your circumstances change, for example:

  • If you change your address
  • If your income or savings change
  • If you start work or change jobs
  • If you or your partner go into hospital
  • If anyone joins or leaves your household or if their income changes
  • If a child leaves school

Please remember you need to tell us straight away about any changes to your circumstances which might affect your entitlement to Housing Benefit or Local Council Tax support.

If you don't tell us about any changes, we may be paying you too little and you could be missing out. We may also be paying you too much and you may have to pay this back to us later. It may be considered as fraud if you knowingly continue to receive Housing Benefit or Local Council Tax support when your entitlement may have changed.

Provide us with details of your Childcare costs

I am renting from a Registered Social Landlord (Housing Association) and my rent has or will change

If you are receiving Housing Benefit, we normally receive notification or proof of this change straight from your landlord. Please contact your Landlord if you are unsure. 

If a month has passed from the date your rent changed and you still have not heard from us, please get in contact to notify us of the change, and provide documentary evidence online.