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Northern Gateway Development

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Colchester is a fast growing place and it's important that local people have all they need to enjoy and get the most from their lives here.  There are plans in North Colchester for a completely new fun and adventure space for local people and visitors alike.  From walking and cycling to extreme sports, the100ha development site around the Weston Homes Community Stadium will fast become a 'must go' place and will create around 3000 new jobs.

The development in North Colchester is al about healthy active lifestyles and leisure time; spending it with friends and family, having a go at new things, doing business, meeting new people and creating great memories together.  

The Stadium is there already and a David Lloyd Leisure Club which specialises in racquet sports as well as other types of sport and fitness will open shortly. There is also an ambition for a cycle park (with velodrome and mountain bike course), rugby and indoor sports hall facilities.