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Emerging Local Plan 2017-2033

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The new Local Plan is an important document which will set out the built environment strategy for Colchester Borough, informing the future growth of our district up to 2033 and beyond.The Local Plan sets out the council's ideas for the long term aims and aspirations of the borough taking into account national guidance and evidence as well as a Sustainability Appraisal.  It will include policies and land allocations that help to deliver them.  The Publication Draft Local Plan is on consultation from 16th June - 11th August.  It consists of two parts:

  • Section One includes strategic policies covering housing and employment, requirements and proposals for new Garden Communities.
  • Section Two includes policies and allocations for meeting the needs throughout the rest of the borough as well as Development Management Policies which are used for considering planning applications.

Last year we consulted on a Preferred Options Local Plan and have made some changes to the plan to reflect comments received and updated evidence.  The current Publication Draft version of the plan will be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for independent examination which will consider any comments made to this consultation.

For more information on the current stage of new Local Plan please visit the Publication Draft Local Plan page below.