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Locality Budgets

Information about Locality Budgets

For 2016 - 2017 Colchester councillors have been given a locality budget of £102,000, divided equally between all 51 councillors.

The intention is that ward councillors can use the £2,000 allocated to them to initiate new projects or to provide additional funding to match already committed resources. The budgets can be used for projects within a councillor's ward or for projects outside of the ward where people from within a councillor's ward can participate.

The deadline for 2017-18 Locality Budget applications has now passed. 

A summary of expenditure from the Locality Budget will be published on this page throughout the year. This will include current details of proposals, commitments and actual expenditure by each Councillor along with the amount of money still available to be spent / committed.

For any further information on the scheme please contact Siobhán McLeod on 01206 506956 or email