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Annual leave

We offer employees generous annual leave entitlements in addition to the UK's bank holidays. Annual holiday allowance is calculated according to job grade, as shown below:


Fewer than 5 years
Local Government Service

More than 5 years
Local Government Service

CMG 1-331 Days31 Days
CMG 4-526 Days29 Days
CMG 6-1023 Days26 Days
CMG 11-14 and other grades21 Days26 Days

Two further extra statutory days are tied to the Christmas period and must be taken on the days decided by the Council, one of which is Christmas Eve (another day will be chosen if Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday or Sunday).  Special arrangements for extra statutory leave and different opening hours apply to some groups of employees.  If these apply to you your line manager will tell you.

* Extra statutory days are leave days which are granted by law, to local government employees in addition to public holidays and the annual leave they are given by the Council.


Employees can also purchase up to 5 additional days' (pro rata) annual leave and the cost of this extra leave is deducted throughout the year from the employee's monthly salary.


The Council also has a number of policies concerning leave for the following reasons:

  • Adoption
  • Maternity
  • Parental
  • Paternity
  • Special/Compassionate