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Planning and Transportation Policy

Aerial view of Severalls Hospital site

The Council is responsible for producing the Colchester Development Plan which guides the future growth and development of the Borough.  The Spatial Policy Team has undertaken work on the Colchester Local Development Framework and the pages below provide information on the documents which have been adopted and those which are due to the published.  The Colchester Annual Monitoring Report is published annually to provide information on how the Council's policies are performing over time and this can also be found in this section of the website.

Public consultation is a key part of the Spatial Policy Team's work and a range of documents are regularly published for consultation on a variety of subjects.  When a document(s) is subject to public consultation it can be accessed below.

If you are interested in the work of the Spatial Policy Team and would like to be informed when documents are published for consultation or formally adopted by the Council then please email with your preferred contact details and you will be added to our consultation/circulation list.

  • Other Documents

    Planning Policy documents - Adopted Guidance notes, Annual Monitoring Report, Local Development Scheme, Statement of Community Involvement documents

  • Current Planning Consultations

    Public consultation is a fundamental part of the work the Council undertakes for the Local Development Framework.

  • Evidence Base

    The Colchester Local Plan is supported by a range of documents which together form a comprehensive evidence base in order to guide and inform planning policies across the Borough

  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

    The Community Infrastructure Levy is a charge which the Council intends to place on new developments to ensure that the necessary infrastructure is provided alongside developments.

  • Neighbourhood Planning

    The Localism Act will introduce a right for local communities to draw up a new type of community plan called a Neighbourhood Plan.