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Tiptree Jam Factory

The Tiptree Jam Factory Plan has been adopted by Colchester Borough Council and now forms part of the Colchester Local Plan. Details with regards to consultation periods, examination hearings and all other aspects of the document can be found on these pages.

  • Tiptree Jam Factory Plan - Adopted Document

    Following the public examination and receiving the Inspector's Report, Colchester Borough Council has adopted the Tiptree Jam Factory Plan.

  • Inspector's Report

    Inspector's Report relating to the Tiptree Jam Factory Plan

  • Post Hearings Consultation

    CONSULTATION PERIOD CLOSED. Information relating to the Main Modifications consultation undertaken following the hearing sessions. Consultation period 8 October - 19 November 2012

  • Examination in Public 2012

    All information relating to the forthcoming Tiptree Jam Factory Plan Examination in Public will be found on this page.

  • Tiptree Jam Factory Submission Stage

    Following the closure of the Regulation 27 Consultation, the Council have submitted all the required documents and individual representations to the Planning Inspectorate on Monday 28 May 2012.

  • Tiptree Jam Factory - Regulation 27 Consultation (Monday 2nd April - Friday 11th May 2012)

    THE CONSULTATION PERIOD HAS NOW CLOSED Proposals relating to the Tiptree Jam Factory and future development of this site have been published for public consultation under Regulation 27 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2008. The Plan is being prepared as a Development Plan Document which will be subject to independent examination, and if adopted it will become part of the Colchester Local Development Framework. Six week public consultation period running from Monday 2nd April until Friday 11th Mary 2012.

  • Tiptree Jam Factory Plan Consultation (Regulation 25)

    Wilkin and Son has presented proposals to the Borough Council for a new factory and enabling residential development.