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Essex Healthy Eating Awards

The 'Essex Healthy Life' Healthy Eating Awards are made by the fourteen Essex Council's Environmental Health Departments, which together make up the Essex Food Liaison Group. The Gold and Silver awards are for commercial food outlets that have made the effort to offer healthy food, or at least healthy options.


What standards are required for Silver or Gold awards?

To be eligible for either award a food business must demonstrate adequate food hygiene standards. In addition, the criteria for both awards require that the business is committed to the following conditions:

  • Keeping the level of fats and oils to a minimum in the food you serve, in particular saturated fat;
  • Keeping the level of salt to a minimum in the food you serve;
  • Keeping the level of sugar to a minimum in the food you serve;
  • Making fruit and vegetables clearly available;
  • Making starchy foods the main part of most meals;
  • Providing healthy and nutritious food for children in places where children are served;
  • Making sure that at least one third of the food you serve is clearly described as meeting healthy choice requirements i.e. are prepared using both healthier ingredients and cooking methods.

In addition to the above, the GOLD award requires commitment to:

  • Making sure that at least 50% of the foods served are clearly described as 'healthy eating'.
  • Meeting a series of specific requirements, under the above headings, such as removing fat from meat. These requirements (over 100) are listed in a Self Assessment Questionnaire.
  • Having an appropriate sales promotion and marketing strategy which works alongside the general principles of the 'Healthy Eating' Award and supports healthier eating.