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Colchester Borough Council sets out its direction for the next three years

Date issued: 1 February 2018

Colchester Borough Council's Cabinet last night [31 January] agreed a new draft Strategic Plan setting out how the authority intends to achieve its aims over the next three years. A decision to adopt the plan will be made by Full Council, when it meets on 21 February.

A Borough-wide survey and focus group meetings held during December 2017 helped shape the plan. Residents were asked what they thought the Council's priorities should be, how Council Tax should be spent, and what matters to them and their community.

Results from the survey showed that residents believe:

  • Colchester is a welcoming place and should continue to be so
  • They are positive about Colchester and see it as a good place to live
  • They are proud of the long and prominent history of the town
  • They understand the importance of growth for the town and the Borough, but want infrastructure to keep pace
  • They want the Council to play its part to maximise the availability of affordable housing and encourage inward investment to maximise job opportunities
  • They want the Council to support the most vulnerable in society, and to help reduce homelessness
  • They like the countryside surrounding Colchester and the Borough's open spaces, such as Castle Park

People who responded also felt that encouraging waste reduction, increased recycling, and protecting and enhancing our open spaces were all important issues for the future.

Cllr Paul Smith, Leader of the Council, said: "The Borough is facing some major challenges associated with a growing economy and the continuing cuts in Government funding for local councils, which is why our Strategic Plan is so crucial to ensure Colchester remains a great place to live and do business.

"All organisations need a clear direction and a focus for their most important priorities. Our Strategic Plan provides that direction and focus, within the anticipated finances available to the Council over the coming years."

The Council aims to concentrate on four key areas over the next three years:

  • To ensure all residents benefit from the growth of the Borough, and that jobs and infrastructure keeps up with growth
  • For everyone to participate in making the Borough a better place to live
  • To promote and improve Colchester and its environment
  • To support those who need most help.

The Strategic Plan 2018-2021 will be available to read online at from February 22.