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Dementia Day fundraising success for Colchester Borough Council

Date issued: 30 January 2018

Following the third annual Essex Dementia Day on 19 January, a countywide day of action and awareness-raising to improve the lives of everyone living with dementia, a number of activities arranged between Colchester Market and Rowan House raised £198.72 to support this worthy cause.

£17.77 was raised via a stall on the market, £62.35 from a cake sale and information stall at Colchester Borough Council's Lion Walk Activity Centre plus £118.60 within Rowan House, where staff were encouraged to wear something blue and make a donation.

Volunteers and Colchester Borough Council staff spent the day engaging with members of the public passing the market stall, who had either been diagnosed with dementia or knew someone living with dementia and were interested in some more information about support services or the initiatives the stall was promoting.

Cllr Paul Smith, Leader of Colchester Borough Council, said: "Dementia in its many forms is a life-changing condition, both for those who live with it and those who care for them, and it can affect anyone. When others understand dementia, it can make an enormous difference to someone's quality of life.

"I encourage all Colchester residents to look at the local opportunities to help raise awareness and make our community more dementia-friendly."

Over 850,000 people across the UK are estimated to be living with dementia. Around 1,250 were diagnosed in Colchester last year. Dementia can affect anyone and is not limited to people of any particular age.

Across Colchester, a number of events took place to mark the day, arranged by Colchester Borough Council and other members of the Colchester Dementia Action Alliance (DAA).