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Help protect Colchester's local heritage

Date issued: 30 January 2018

Colchester Borough Council is undertaking the annual review of Colchester's Local List and is seeking nominations from the local community about buildings or assets that they feel should be included or removed from the current list.

Colchester's rich history is reflected in the diversity of historic buildings and assets found throughout the Borough, but not all of these heritage structures currently have legal protection. To provide better protection, the Council worked with a panel of local historic building experts to prepare Colchester's first Local List in 2011.

A Local List is a list of heritage assets that, although not suitable for designation nationally as a Listed Building, are considered historically or architecturally important at a local level. These buildings are valued by the local community and make a significant contribution to the character and setting of Colchester and the surrounding villages.

The List currently helps to protect approximately 765 buildings and assets that are considered historically or architecturally locally important.

The Council is starting the sixth review of Colchester's Local List and is now inviting residents to submit proposals to add or remove new buildings and assets.

The Local List can include a range of historic assets from individual buildings, whole streetscapes or individual features on buildings such as railings, lamp posts or even post boxes.

Any person or group can put forward a building or asset for inclusion on or removal from the Local List. Residents should submit their proposals to the Planning Policy team at the Council, along with any supporting information by Wednesday 28 February 2018.

To learn more about which buildings are on currently on the Colchester Local List (including Wivenhoe) visit the Colchester Historic Buildings Forum website: or the Council's Planning on the Map webpage:

Any changes proposed will go forward to the Local Plan Committee for approval in summer 2018.