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Colchester Borough Council and Parish Council Elections, Thursday 3 May 2018

Voting in the 2018 elections

Borough and parish elections

The next scheduled elections to take place will be the Colchester Borough Council elections on 3 May 2018.

Colchester Borough is represented by 51 Ward Councillors, with three councillors representing each ward.

In three years out of every four, an election is held for one of the local borough councillors in each of the 17 wards. There will therefore be elections in all 17 wards of Colchester Borough Council.

There are also elections in seven parishes where the entire membership of the Parish Council has reached the end of their four year terms of office and the parish councillors must either step down or seek re-election for a further term. Elections will take place for the following Parish Councils -

  • Abberton and Langenhoe
  • Birch
  • East Mersea
  • Fingringhoe
  • Layer de la Haye
  • Messing cum Inworth
  • Winstred Hundred

The elections commence with the publication of a Notice of Election, which informs prospective candidates of the deadline by which their nomination papers must be submitted and sets out other key dates for voters (such as the deadlines for submitting applications to vote by post or by proxy).

Key Dates

Publication of Notice of Election  -  Friday 23 March 2018

Deadline for submission of Nomination Papers  -  4:00 pm Friday 6 April 2018

Last date for registering to vote at the Election  -  Tuesday 17 April 2018

Last date for applying to vote by post  -  up to 5:00 pm Wednesday 18 April 2018

First Issue of Postal Votes*  -  Friday 20 April 2018

Last date for applying to vote by proxy  -  up to 5:00 pm Wednesday 25 April 2018

Last day for Candidates to appoint Polling and Count Agents  -  Thursday 26 April 2018

First day that Replacements for Lost Postal Ballot Papers may be issued  -  Friday 27 April 2018

Receipt of Emergency Proxy Vote Applications  -  up to 5:00 pm Thursday 3 May 2018

Last Day to Issue Replacement Spoilt or Lost Postal Ballot Papers  -  up to 5:00 pm Thursday 3 May 2018

Polling Day  -  7:00 am to 10:00 pm Thursday 3 May 2018

Deadline for Candidates to submit Returns of Election Expenses  -   Thursday 7 June 2018

*Postal ballot papers for voters applying to vote by post in the last few days before the deadline on 18 April will be dispatched in a second issue of postal votes on Thursday 26 April. Voters who will be away on polling day and who are in any doubt about whether they will receive their postal ballot paper before they go should consider applying to vote by proxy instead

Registering to vote and applying to vote by post or proxy

If you are not already registered to vote (i.e. you have not received a poll card by Friday 6 April) you can register to vote at the election online at Such applications must be made no later than 17 April if they are to be effective in time for the election. Applications to vote by post can be found here and the different types of applications to vote by proxy are also available from the Electoral Commission's "Your Vote Matters" website They must be completed and returned to the Electoral Registration Officer, Colchester Borough Council, Rowan House, Sheepen Road, Colchester, CO3 3WG by the relevant deadline. Scanned copies of the completed forms may be sent by email to instead of by post

Borough Council Election Candidate Documents:

Below, you can find Electoral Commission Guidance and forms -

Nomination Pack

Register Request Form

Absent Voters List request form

Withdrawal Form

Overview for Candidates at a Local Government Election

Part 1 - Can you stand for Election?

Part 2a - Standing as an Independent Candidate

Part 2b - Standing as a Party Candidate

Part 3 - Spending and donations

Part 4 - The Campaign

Part 5 - Your right to attend key electoral events

Part 6 - After the declaration of results

Counting Agent Appointment Form

Polling Agent Appointment Form

Postal Vote Agent Appointment Form

Local Government Election Candidate Spending Return

Declaration by Candidate as to Election Expenses

Declaration by Agent as to Election Expenses

Electoral Commission Parish Candidates Guidance:

Overview document for candidates

Part 1 - Can you stand for election?

Part 2a - Standing as an independent candidate

Part 2b - Standing as a party candidate

Part 3 - Candidate spending

Part 4 - The campaign

Part 5 - Your right to attend key electoral events

Part 6 - After the declaration of results

Parish Councillor Nomination Pack

Parish Councillor candidate withdrawal form

Candidates' absent voters list request from

Candidates' electoral register request form

Counting agent appointment form

Polling agent appointment form

Postal voting agent appointment form

Return of election expenses

Election Notices

Colchester Borough Council Election Notices


Parish Council Election Notices​​​