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Colchester's recycling success continues to improve

Date published: 19 January 2018

Colchester Borough Council's Cabinet will be reviewing the Borough's recycling and rubbish figures at its next meeting on Wednesday 21 February - and the numbers continue to exceed expectation.

In June 2017, the Council made changes to waste collections across the Borough in order to boost recycling rates and reduce the amount of rubbish sent to landfill. Figures continue to show that the fortnightly black bin/bag collection arrangements have reduced the amount of general rubbish each household puts out and has encouraged residents to recycle more.

In the five months following the introduction of this new system, recycling has increased dramatically. Between July and November 2017, the Borough recycled 55% of all its rubbish - a big improvement on the 44% recycling rate seen at year end in March 2017.  

Evidence shows that this is thanks to residents recycling more material and throwing less away as general rubbish: between July and November 2017 there was a reduction of 4,464.69 tonnes in residual waste - that's 33% less material going to landfill (when compared to the same period last year) - a reduction equivalent to the weight of 22 Blue Whales.

Councillor Jessica Scott-Boutell, Portfolio Holder for Waste and Sustainability, said: "Since the introduction of the new system in June 2017, we have seen a dramatic increase in our recycling rates. These fantastic results speak for themselves, showing a major decrease in the amount of material that is going to landfill. 

"It has been encouraging to see how much of a positive difference the resident's efforts and the hard work of staff at the Council have made. There is still more we can do to live more sustainably, but this is an excellent start."

The Council's Recycling team keep a regular blog with waste-busting hints and tips. To find out how you can save money as well as the planet, check it out at or follow @yourcolchester on Twitter and @enjoycolchester on Facebook.