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Put a little of yourself into museum exhibition

Date issued: 15 January 2018

Colchester Museums is looking for people to share their stories and objects for the new 'We Are Colchester' exhibition, opening at Hollytrees Museum in June 2018.

The exhibition will explore how personal identity can be expressed through objects. The clothes we wear and the objects we choose to surround ourselves with in our daily lives make a statement about our gender, sexuality, religion and other aspects of our identities.

By exhibiting objects loaned by the people of Colchester alongside artefacts from the museum collections, the exhibition hopes to present a snapshot of the diverse population who have called Colchester home and still do so today.

Local people are asked to lend any items that they think particularly symbolise part of their identities. These will be displayed with their stories alongside historic collections from Colchester's past. All loaned objects will be returned after the exhibition ends.

Cllr Tim Young, Portfolio Holder for Business and Culture, said: "The history of Colchester is made up of the histories of everyone who has lived here. Big changes and culture shifts come from many smaller changes, from the decisions made by individuals which form part of their own stories. By collecting objects from ordinary people across the borough, we can capture a sense of all those who are part of this moment, now, in Colchester, celebrating our diverse identities and how we express them."

Further information, including an object loan form, can be found at

If you have an object that you think symbolises an aspect of your identity and which you would be willing to lend to the Museum, please fill in the form or contact