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Colchester's top reasons to use LoveUrCar revealed!

Date published: 6 November 2017

Users of Colchester Borough Council's car sharing scheme LoveUrCar have given their top motives for travelling to the town centre together.

Feedback from a recent survey shows that the most common reason is the ease and convenience of parking in the scheme's dedicated bays. Two LUC 2+ bays are reserved in St John's Street car park and four in Vineyard Street, Britannia and St Mary's car park. Normal charges apply to these bays, but Loveurcar users can also park for up to eight hours free of charge on the south side of Colchester station.

James Steward, Greater Anglia's Area Customer Service Manager for the Colchester area, said: "We are pleased the Loveurcar scheme is proving to be a success.
"Travelling by train is environmentally-friendly and sustainable, so it's great news that our customers are reducing their carbon footprint by car-sharing and parking for free in the designated bays at Colchester station. We care about the planet and are committed to making our business as green as possible."

Car sharers also enjoy lower parking costs. Because they only take one car between two or more people, they only have to pay one lot of parking fees and petrol costs. Some users also take turns driving, so each gets a break.

Cllr Jessica Scott-Boutell, Portfolio Holder for Waste and Sustainability, said: "As well as enjoying cheaper, easier and less stressful journeys, car sharers also have a much lighter carbon footprint. Fewer cars on the road means lower CO2 emissions and less congestion, so this is a very sustainable way to travel. I'm delighted to see that users are finding the scheme so useful."

Sharer Mary Howlett said, "I started car sharing about two years ago, when I posted on Facebook to ask if any of my friends were interested. I get the train to Chelmsford a few times a week and it stood to reason that other people would be doing the same thing.

"Now I share with my friend Lily. I do the driving and she gives me a little money towards the petrol. We park at the station, which is great because there are no parking costs, and hop straight onto a train. After all those journeys, we've become quite close and we have a good laugh on the way!"

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