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Aqua Springs take part in nationwide spa awareness campaign

Date published: 26 October 2017

Aqua Springs, Colchester's only non-member pay-as-you-go spa, is offering a special one-week promotion to all as part of National Spa Week.

Organised by the UK Spa Association, National Spa Week is all about showcasing the physical and emotional health benefits that spa treatments have for the nation.

During the Week, which runs from 30 October to 5 November, anyone booking one of Aqua Springs' treatments will get a 25% discount on any full-size dermalogica and Natural Spa Factory products purchased. 

'Spa for everybody and mind' is the motto of this year's National Spa Week, and hundreds of spas and salons will be working together to boost awareness of this philosophy. Aqua Springs joins them in challenging more people to discover the real health benefits of regular spa treatments and recognise them as an important personal investment.

Councillor Annie Feltham, Portfolio Holder for Commercial Services, said, "Spa visits relax and refresh tired minds and bodies. When all our lives are so busy, it's important to set aside time to pause for breath. We want Aqua Springs customers to be able to extend their peaceful spa experience and continue looking after their wellbeing at home: this special offer is designed to help people do just that with a discount on take-home products."

Charlie Thompson, Chairman of the UK Spa Association, said, "Some of the earliest descriptions of spa practices, such as bathing and massage for health, relaxation and social benefits, came from ancient Rome and played an important role in everyday culture. Spa attendance was one of the most common daily activities, and was practiced across the majority of society.

"In modern times, spas seem to have developed a somewhat bewildering, even elitist, reputation. While we have come a long way in attracting a wider range of people to spa and treatments, there is still the perception in the UK that they are just a treat; a gift one might buy only for special occasions.

"The reality is that never before have we needed the benefits of Spa as much as we do now in the high-pressure 21st century that we live in. We believe spas, and the treatments they offer, can provide another essential health service in combination with more widely recognised options such as gyms, sports clinics and even counselling."

To find out more about National Spa Week, and to see which spas and salons throughout the UK are involved, visit

Bookings for the National Spa Week offer at Aqua Springs can be made by calling 01206 282100 or visit for more information on the spa, spa packages and range of beauty treatments and products available.


Terms and conditions of special offer:
Treatment must be taken between 30 October and 5 November 2017. Offer excludes Christmas gifts packs. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.