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Fly Tippers face penalties in Colchester clean-up operation

Date issued: 22 September 2017

Following investigation of two separate fly-tips reported in the folly between Harwich Road and St. Andrews Gardens, Colchester Borough Council Zone Wardens are set to issue fixed penalty notices to occupants at two separate addresses..

One of the fly-tips consisted of rubbish removed from a student let property; the second incident was more serious, with a large number of used syringes and drug related paraphernalia, plus a medical sharps box.

By law, individuals have a duty of care to take reasonable measures to ensure that waste produced on their property is passed on to an authorised person who will dispose of the waste responsibly. If the waste can be traced back to its source and the individual hasn't taken reasonable measures to dispose of it then they may be liable for a fine.

Councillor Mike Lilley, Portfolio Holder for Public Safety and Licensing said: "This latest action demonstrates Colchester Borough Council's determination to deal firmly with those who fly-tip, wherever the evidence supports it.

"The council's six Zone Teams do a superb job helping to monitor and maintain our neighbourhoods as clean and safe environments in which to live, work and play. Their work is made even more effective by the vigilance of residents alerting them to such incidents, as occurred in one of these cases.

"Fly-tipping is irresponsible and spoils the environment for everyone. I hope this sends a clear message that the Council will not tolerate this type of activity anywhere in the Borough and we will investigate all incidents of fly-tipping and pursue those responsible whenever we can."

The fly-tip and sharps were cleared by the Zone 6 Team and the rubbish taken to the council's Shrub End Depot for weighing, disposal and recycling.