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Old British School Foundation Fund

The Scheme regulating the Foundation known as the Old British School was made by the Board of Education in 1922. Originally the Foundation was set up to provide financial support for boys and young men, not exceeding the age of 25. This has since been amended to include qualifying women. When there is evidence that financial support will enable an offer of employment to be accepted, or lead directly to an offer of employment, up to £250.00 may be granted.

The charity is run by Trustees which include council officers and representatives from local agencies who work with young people, and is administered by Colchester Borough Council.

Who can apply?

Applicants must:

  • Be residents of Colchester Borough
  • Be aged 25 or below
  • Not be in full time employment.
  • Provide evidence that the grant would enable a job offer to be accepted, or show that it will lead directly to a job being offered
  • Not be applying for a grant when funding could come from the Work Programme
  • Be applying for a grant of up to £250
  • Be able to prove financial hardship and that they cannot fund the costs themselves
  • Not be related to the referring individual

What can you apply for?

Grants should have an identified purpose such as:

  • Purchase of tools or clothing
  • Travel costs to interview or first two weeks travel to work
  • Specialist clothing and equipment
  • Short training courses specific to a job
  • CRB check
  • SIA licence - for claimants seeking to work in security
  • CSCS card - to allow claimant to take up work on a construction site
  • Improving basic literacy and numeracy leading to a national test

How to apply?

An appropriate agency may refer an individual known to them/with whom they are currently working. Suitable referring agencies may include: YMCA, Department of Work and Pensions, Youth Enquiry Service, Citizens Advice Bureau, National Probation Service.

There is a simple application form to be completed by the referring agency.

Contact: To find out more about the Old British School Foundation, to discuss an application, or if you are interested in donating to the charity, please contact Yovone Cook, Community Enabling Officer on tel: 01206 282965 oremail