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West Mersea Floating Pontoon

The floating pontoon is a working area that is a very busy with people and boat movement.

The following pointed need to be adhered to make this a safe environment for people to use: -

  • Main walk way needs to be kept clear at all times
  • Only boat users only on the hammerhead
  • No crabbing on the hammerhead
  • No picnicking or deckchairs on the pontoon
  • Crabbers to keep to designated area
  • No rods or hooks to be used
  • Anything posing a risk of damage to pontoon will be removed

Tough love needed here!

Please do not feed the seals!

Did you know feeding wild seals is VERY BAD for them?

Feeding wild seals diverts them away from natural feeding behaviour and from their movements around the coast. It can make them reliant on the artificial food sources, and potentially accidental but serious injury for a member of the public.

Please practise 'tough love' and do what is best for the seals - DO NOT feed them! Continuing to feed the seals will lead it to a lifetime of begging behaviour (making them continually highly strung and stressed as they approach people and boats for food).

The seal will leave the area if it stops being fed, but is likely to remain if it is. This isn't what is best for the seal. Whilst the seal will probably disappear at some point at the end of the season, it will likely revisit next year.

Are seals dangerous to us?

A seals natural instinct is always to flight rather than fight. But accidents can happen and people have been bitten whilst feeding them.  They are unpredictable wild animals, who can misjudge the position of food in a moving hand. They carry bacteria that is transferrable to people. Any bites need medical attention to prevent serious infection.

Crabbing from the pontoon

Crabbing in Mersea has been the pastime of youngsters in the town for generations. You can crab from the pontoon on Coast Road, on the dedicated areas only. Please see the guidelines in the below.

The crab you are most like to catch is the Common Shore Crab. They feed on worms, molluscs, small gastropods, small crabs, algae, carrion and almost anything else they can catch! It can grow up to 8cm across.