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What is the new Local Plan?

The new Local Plan is an important document which will determine the way forward for Colchester Borough. It will provide the strategy for the growth of our district, setting out what development will take place and where, to 2033 and beyond. Once adopted, the new Local Plan will replace the Borough's existing local planning policies. The new Local Plan will set out a vision for the area, establishing the long term aims and aspirations for the Borough going forward. The Plan will include policies and allocations that help to deliver these aims and aspirations.

Why we need your thoughts and ideas

The role of the planning system is to contribute towards the achievement of sustainable development. The process of planning involves weighing up economic, social and environmental factors, good and bad, to find the most balanced, sustainable way forward. Planning is inherently controversial because it affects all of us, in all aspects of our lives - the places we live, work, use and travel through. This is why it is important that we have input from residents, businesses, community groups and organisations across the Borough.

What stage are we at in preparing the new Local Plan?

The Council closed its consultation on the Preferred Options Local Plan on 16th September following a ten week public engagement process. Representations received during this consultation are being verified and added to the Council's dedicated Local Plan consultation portal. The Planning Policy team is analysing all of the responses received during the consultation period and will be compiling a consultation report to respond to the issues raised in those representations.

What happens next? (Please note these dates are subject to change as the new Local Plan progresses)

Issues and Options Consultation                                                     January/February 2015

Preferred Options Consultation                                                        July/August/September 2016   

Publication of the Submission Local Plan                                      May 2017    

Submission to Secretary of State                                                     October 2017

Examination of Part 1                                                                         December 2017

Examination of Part 2                                                                         June 2018

Adoption of Part 1                                                                                April 2018

Adoption of Part 2                                                                               September 2018

You can keep up to date with the new Local Plan preparation by reading our Local Plan Newsletters. If you have any questions about the new Local Plan please contact Planning Policy on or 01206 282473/6.