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  • A Plan or Strategy for the control of the Council's borrowing or capital expenditure

    This is considered under the requirement of the CIPFA Code of Practice on Treasury Management

  • Asset Management Strategy 2016 - 2021

    The Asset Management Strategy (AMS) sets out the vision for how we manage our assets over the next 5 years (2016 - 2021) by looking at them in a more cohesive way.

  • Colchester Economic Development Strategy 2015 - 2021

    This document looks at where Colchester is today and where it wants to be.

  • Community Enabling Strategy

    Our objective is to increase community resilience across the borough by encouraging more self-help and self-reliance to achieve the ambitions of local groups, protect services and reduce cost. By galvanising volunteering and community activity, the borough gains more "social capital‟. This is defined as more citizenship, neighbourliness, social networks and civic participation. The Community Enabling Strategy was agreed by the Cabinet in June 2015.

  • Digital Strategy 2017-22

    The Digital Strategy 2017-22 sets out an exciting vision of Colchester Borough as the best-connected place in the East of England, and a magnet for the creative, media and technically innovative industries.

  • Efficiency Statement

    This sets out the Council's approach to delivering efficiencies

  • Environmental Sustainability Strategy

    The Environmental Sustainability Strategy brings together the issues around climate change; fuel poverty; depleting resources; energy security; as well as the environmental management of our own buildings, services and operations.

  • Greater Haven Gateway Housing Strategy

    This Strategy sets out the GHG's key ideas and plans for strategic housing in the sub region.

  • Housing Asset Management Strategy

    The Housing Asset Management Strategy is the basis for long term planning, provision and sustainability of Colchester's housing assets.

  • Housing Strategy 2015-20

    Our Housing Strategy sets out needs, resources, options, priorities and action plans for housing.

  • Homelessness Strategy 2014-2019

    Colchester's Homelessness Strategy for 2014-2019 was produced by the Homelessness Strategy Project Group which included Colchester Borough Council and partner organisations who are committed to preventing homelessness in the borough.

  • Information, Communication and Technology Strategy

    Information, Communication and Technology Strategy, also includes Electronic Service Delivery Strategy

  • Local Transport Plan

    The aim of the document is to develop an efficient, effective and sustainable integrated multi-modal transport network with identified measures to accommodate the transport needs of Colchester.

  • Our Colchester - The Council's Strategic Plan 2018-21

    This plan describes the priorities and direction for our borough. It sets out the Council's ambitious goals to help make Colchester an even better place to live, work and visit. We will work with many partners to get the best for our residents.

  • The Previous Strategic Plan 2015-18

    Our Strategic Plan is the Council's most important document because it sets out how we will play our part in making Colchester a place where people want to live, learn, work and visit.

  • People Strategy

    This People Strategy sets out how Colchester Borough Council will attract, nurture, empower and incentivise staff to support the delivery of the Council's ambitious Strategic Plan, business objectives and goals.

  • Risk Management Strategy

    This strategy outlines the Council's commitment to managing risk in an effective and appropriate manner.

  • Strategic Tenancy Strategy

    The Localism Act 2011 requires Local Authorities to publish a strategic tenancy.

  • Street Care Strategy and Improvement Plan

    The strategy and improvement plan is geared toward improving the quality of the environment.

  • Waste Strategy

    The key aims of the Waste Strategy are to improve our performance, in particular reducing residual waste and increasing recycling, and to provide a waste and recycling collection service requested by residents.