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Sharon Carter, Marketing Team Leader, Policy and Corporate

Before coming to Colchester Borough Council I worked in the marketing department of a large tourist attraction in Essex. I always felt that I wanted to work for a bigger organisation so when I saw that the Council's museum service was looking for a Marketing Officer, I jumped at the chance. That was nearly eleven years ago now and things have changed very much since then, both in the job I now do and how the Council conducts its marketing.

It's a cliché, I know, but no two days are ever the same. I manage a team of five Marketing Officers and our remit is very large. We do the majority of graphic design for the Council, book advertising, produce copy, manage the social media accounts, manage print requirements, create and schedule the Council's e-newsletters and much more.

At any one time my team could be working on a suite of memes for social media for Leisure World through to the borough's recycling calendar. It is very varied, very busy and demanding! My role is to schedule all the work that comes in to the team and make sure it is delivered on time and to the correct branding.

When considering what I enjoy about my role, much to my surprise I really enjoy leading a team of people! This is the first time I have ever line managed people and I was very nervous about it initially. However, I am really enjoying it! I do enjoy the variety of my working days and as I get to see nearly every piece of marketing the Council does, I have a good overview of what's going on. It's certainly not a boring job and the days fly by. The most challenging thing is balancing the demand for work and as requests can be very last minute, it is sometimes tough to juggle all the deadlines.

I have only been in this role since November 2016, so it is still early days. As the Council becomes more digital I hope to develop more efficient ways of delivering work, making best use of the technology available.