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1. Issues and Options

The Council consulted on the Issues and Options of the new Local Plan from 16th January to 27th February 2015. The purpose of this consultation was to identify the issues that we should address in the new Local Plan for Colchester and some of the options for addressing them. This includes the key issue of identifying where the future growth of the Borough might be located. For information please read the Issues and Options document (pdf icon Issues & Options Report [562kb]).

The responses received following the public consultation have been collated and analysed and a report (pdf icon Issues & Options Local Plan Committee Report [701kb]) was taken to the Local Plan Committee on 8th June 2015.  By the close of the consultation the Council had received a total of 649 responses from individuals and organisations.

pdf icon Appendix 1 [385kb] lists the responses received from the Local Plan workshop sessions carried out in January and February 2015 at various locations across the Borough. 

excel icon Appendix 2 [154kb] provides more detailed summaries of the separate 649 representations and additionally they can be viewed in full below.

excel icon Online Questionnaire Responses [74kb]  provides responses received via the Online Questionnaire.

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