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Annual Reports

The Council produces a range of annual reports which are brought together in this section.

Annual Economic Report

Containing a database of key economic indicators and snapshots of employment sectors where growth is taking place, the Annual Economic Report is a 'state of the borough' digest to help business plan for the future.

Annual Audit Letter

The Council's external auditors issue an annual audit letter about the Council and its management processes.

Annual Governance Statements

The Council is required to produce an Annual Governance Statement which gives an outline of its governance controls and identifies any improvements to the governance arrangements that need to be implemented. There are also Annual Governance Statements for the Colchester and Ipswich Joint Museum Service, and for the North Essex Parking Partnership.

Annual Monitoring Report (AMR)

The Colchester Annual Monitoring Report provides information on all aspects of the planning service's performance in the last year.

Every year the Council's Planning Policy Team collects and analyses a wide range of development statistics from within Colchester borough. This helps the Council to achieve a better understanding of changes in development patterns in the borough and helps us to refine our planning policies to take account of important trends whilst also providing information to help people understand local development activity.

pdf icon Colchester Borough Homes Annual Report [189kb]

Colchester Borough Homes (CBH) is the Arms' Length Management Organisation of Colchester Borough Council, responsible for the management and maintenance of the Council's homes.

Equality and Diversity - Annual Report

The Equality Act 2010 includes a legal requirement for the Council to publish a range of equality information each year. The Governance Committee reviews the Council's progress made against this statutory duty and in achieving its Equality and Diversity objectives in an annual report.

Local Government Ombudsman - Annual Review

This annual review provides a summary of the complaints about Colchester Borough Council which the Local Government Ombudsman has dealt with.

pdf icon Member Development Group - Annual Report [57kb]

Councillors are also known as Members of the Council (Members). This report considers the planning, delivery and evaluation of member development activities such as training and briefings which help support councillors in their roles within the Council and the broader community.

North Essex Parking Partnership - Annual Report

The Parking Partnership is a council-run organisation which brings together all street-based parking services in Essex. The service is a partnership between Essex County Council and twelve district/borough councils and is run in two areas; the North Partnership is led by Colchester Council and the South Partnership is led by Chelmsford Council. The North Essex Parking Partnership's annual reports are shown here.

Performance - Corporate Indicator Set

The Council has a number of indicators which summarise its overall performance.

pdf icon Scrutiny Panel - Annual Report 2016-17 [86kb]

The Council's Constitution states the Scrutiny Panel shall report annually on its work and make recommendations for future work programmes and amended working methods if appropriate.

Statement of Accounts

This section includes the Statement of Accounts for the Council and related bodies.

Strategic Plan Action Plan 2015-18

There is an action plan to go with the Council's Strategic Plan which sets out our vision, specific actions and outcomes for each priority area. The action plan is presented to the Cabinet each year, and progress against these actions is reported on a six-monthly basis to the Cabinet and to the Scrutiny Panel.

pdf icon Trading Board Annual Report [1Mb]

The Trading Board was introduced in 2013 as a new way to advise Cabinet on how the Council approaches commercial matters and how it may increase its income.

Treasury Management

A strategy for the control of the Council's borrowing or capital expenditure.