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Call for Sites

As part of the preparation of the new Local Plan, the Council carried out a Call for Sites and invited developers, land owners and other interested parties to submit potential sites for future allocation in the Plan.

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The Call for Sites ran over summer 2014 and early 2015 with some additional sites accepted after these dates.

You can view all the sites below in the PDF maps which are labelled with a reference number which corresponds to the sites in the table underneath the PDFs. 

Please Note: These sites have been submitted to the Council for consideration only. No assessment by officers has been carried out as to the suitability of these sites and no decision has been made on whether they will be allocated for development in the new Local Plan.

The Council will consider the suitability of these sites against agreed Strategic Land Availability Assessment criteria and through the Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal. The Council anticipates the publication of its draft Local Plan (Preferred Options) for public consultation in summer 2016.

pdf icon Abberton and Langenhoe [496kb]pdf icon Great and Little Wigborough [397kb]pdf icon Marks Tey [6Mb]pdf icon West Bergholt [763kb]
pdf icon Central Colchester [1Mb]pdf icon Great Horkesley [821kb]pdf icon North Colchester [1Mb]pdf icon West Mersea [899kb]
pdf icon Chappel and Wakes Colne [659kb]pdf icon Great Horkesley North [615kb]pdf icon North West Colchester [1Mb]pdf icon Wivenhoe [1Mb]
pdf icon Copford [800kb]pdf icon Great Tey [410kb]pdf icon Peldon [414kb] 
pdf icon Dedham Heath [490kb]pdf icon Heckfordbridge (Colchester Zoo) [803kb]pdf icon Rowhedge [923kb] 
pdf icon East Colchester [10Mb]pdf icon Langham [590kb]pdf icon Salcott and Virley [475kb] 
pdf icon East Mersea [461kb]pdf icon Langham South [915kb]pdf icon South West Colchester [1Mb] 
pdf icon Eight Ash Green [670kb]pdf icon Layer Breton and Birch Green [531kb]pdf icon Stanway [1Mb] 
pdf icon Fingringhoe [750kb]pdf icon Layer de la Haye and Malting Green [757kb]pdf icon Tiptree [1021kb] 
pdf icon Fordham [401kb]pdf icon Layer Marney [469kb]pdf icon Wakes Colne [394kb] 


ReferenceLocationSite Area (hectares)Proposed Use
001Whitehouse Hill, Salcott0.513Residential
002Salcott Street, Salcott0.331Residential
003Peldon Road, Abberton4.63Residential
004Peakes, Maldon Road, Tiptree13.565Mixed
005Clarke's Meadow, Popes Lane, Colchester0.553Residential
006Swan Grove, Chappel1.749Residential
007Cooper's Beach Holiday Park, East Mersea3.003Caravan Holiday Park
008Kingsland Villa, Abberton Road, Fingringhoe0.122Residential
009Valley Crescent, West Bergholt0.391Residential
010Port Lane, Colchester3.194Residential
011Hall Road, Tiptree0.214Residential
012The Causeway, Great Horkesley0.146Residential
013Colchester Road, West Bergholt8.501Residential
014Ruskins Farm, Langham Lane, Boxted6.693Residential
015Virley Cottage, Wakes Street, Wakes Colne0.214Residential
016Colchester Road, West Bergholt2.495Mixed
017Armoury Road, West Bergholt1.186Residential
018Rowans, Newbridge Road, Tiptree0.469Residential
019Pennsylvania Lane, Tiptree11.203Residential
020Oak Road, Tiptree2.667Residential
021Rectory Road, Wivenhoe15.184Residential
022Smythe's Green, Layer Marney2.166Residential
023St Ive's Road, Peldon1.678Residential
024Wakes Colne Mill, Colchester Road, Wakes Colne0.896Residential
025Highfield Drive, Lexden Road, Colchester0.032Residential
026Northern Gateway, North Colchester101.018Employment/Leisure
027Salary Brook21.156Country Park
028Gosbecks Phase 26.819Residential
029Chitts Hill, Stanway6.735Residential
030Glebe Lane, Abberton1.026Residential
031Easthorpe Road, Marks Tey3.219Residential
032Catkins Mews, Berechurch Hall Road, Colchester1.367Residential
033Battlewicks Farm, Rowhedge12.285Residential
034East Road, West Mersea1.893Residential
035Milestone Farm, Halstead Road6.881Residential
036School Road, Copford2.75Residential
037South of Colchester, Lexden13.779Mixed
038London Road, Copford8.481Residential
039Halstead Road, Eight Ash Green6.968Residential
040North Barn, East Road, East Mersea0.568Residential
041Smythe's Green, Layer Marney0.392Residential
042Inworth Lane, Wakes Colne0.238Residential
043Tollgate West, London Road11.232Retail/Leisure
044Vernons Road, Chappel0.076Residential
045Plummers Road, Fordham1.436Residential
046Plummers Road, Fordham2.085Residential
047London Road, Marks Tey3.095Residential
048Broome Grove, Wivenhoe0.073Residential
049School Road, Langham2.172Residential
050Wick Road, Langham1.86Residential
051Brook Road, Great Tey0.683Residential
053School Lane, Great Horkesley0.512Residential
054Quilters Green, Fordham0.025Residential
055Grove Road, Tiptree1.402Residential
056Chapel Road, Tiptree1.217Residential
057Oldhouse Farm, Stanway0.256Residential
060Colchester Road, West Bergholt1.926Residential
061Hall Road, West Bergholt0.735Residential
062White Horse Farm, Wakes Colne0.828Residential
063Seven Star Green, Eight Ash Green8.414Residential
064London Road, Great Horkesley0.247Residential
066Hawkins Road, Colchester0.514Residential
068St John's Road, Colchester26.455Residential
069Motts Farm, Birchwood Road, Langham6.586Residential
070Irvine Road, Colchester0.809Residential
071Malting Green Road, Layer-de-la-Haye1.419Residential
072Rowhedge Business Park, Fingringhoe Road, Rowhedge5.73Residential
073West End Road, Tiptree1.664Residential
074Kelvedon Road, Tiptree1.548Residential
075Mill Lane, Birch0.85Residential
076Copt Hall Lane, Peldon Road, Little Wigborough0.125Residential
077Sun Downe, The Heath, Dedham1.262Residential
078Land adjoining Millfield School, Wivenhoe8.869Residential
079St Botolph's Farm, North Braiswick, Colchester3.102Mixed
080Halstead Road, Eight Ash Green6.561Residential
081Malting Green, Abberton Road, Layer-de-la-Haye0.78Residential
082Wilsons Lane, Marks Tey0.613Residential
083Dawes Lane, West Mersea9.936Residential
084Perry Grove, Grove Hill, Langham0.529Residential
085Brook Road, Great Tey2.886Residential
087Berechurch Hall Road, Colchester5.039Residential
088Peldon Road, Abberton0.241Residential
089St Andrew's Avenue, Colchester115.2Mixed
090Brook Road, Great Tey0.683Residential
091Long Road West & The Heath, Dedham Heath0.518Residential
092Spring Gardens Road, Chappel0.837Residential
093Arena Site, Abbey Fields, Colchester1.654Mixed
094Old London Road, Marks Tey8.854Residential
095Park Lane, Langham38.24Residential
096Land adj A12, Langham8.66Employment
097Brickhouse Field, West Mersea8.318Residential
098Bower Hall Farm, West Mersea1.906Residential
099Hall Road, West Bergholt37.276Residential
100Ashpark House, Peldon Road, Abberton0.843Residential
101Mill Road, Marks Tey0.454Residential
102Shatters Road, Layer Breton0.25Residential
103Cross House Cottage, Layer-de-la-Haye0.441Residential
104Maldon Road, Tiptree10.095Residential
105Birch Street, Birch0.657Residential
106The Folley, Layer-de-la-Haye5.114Residential
107School Lane, Great Wigborough2.996Residential
108East Road, East Mersea10.545Residential
109Colchester Road, West Bergholt3.051Residential
110Colchester Road, West Bergholt1.534Residential
112Great Horkesley Manor, Great Horkesley21.937Residential
113Bull Lane, Tiptree2.934Residential
115Middle Green, Wakes Colne0.25Residential
116Land East of Tollgate Road, Stanway1.688Residential
117Lakelands NE1, Stanway1.778Residential
118Lakelands NE1, Stanway8.333Residential
119Land North of Lakelands Country Park & Primary Sch5.929Residential & Prmy Sch
120Land South of Lakelands Phase 11.031Residential
121Gateway 120, Marks Tey666.898Mixed
122Land adjacent to A12, Marks Tey323.454Mixed
123Land between London Road and A12, Stanway46.015Mixed
124Halstead Road, Eight Ash Green1.437Residential/Care Home
125Sun House, Kelvedon Road, Tiptree0.589Residential
126Nightingale Corner, Layer de la Haye0.813Residential
127Land in North West Tiptree16.418Mixed
128Woodview Road, Layer Marney0.182Mixed
130North Lane, Marks Tey13.706Residential
131Swan Street, Chappel1.68Residential
132Swan Street, Chappel2.724Residential
133Oxley Parker Drive, Mill Road, Colchester1.486Residential
134Grove Road, Tiptree0.452Residential
135Zoo site, Maldon Road, Colchester174.205Zoo and related uses
136Clay Barn, Abberton Road, Fingringhoe0.927Residential
137Vernon's Road, Chappel0.812Residential
138Kingsland, Abberton Road, Fingringhoe1.328Residential
139Rectory Road, Copford Green9.881Residential
140Tyhurst, Copford Green0.536Residential
142Land off Bounstead Road, Layer de la Haye0.203Residential
143Chitts Hill, Stanway6.705Residential
144Land off Hillview Close, Rowhedge17.17Residential
145Land North of Bromley Road, Colchester10.72Residential
146Ship Field, Tiptree3.288Residential
147Nurseries Field, Tiptree1.772Residential
148Land between London Road and Railway Line, EAG2.552Residential
149Land north of Halstead Road, EAG5.257Residential
150Land south of Halstead Road, EAG0.956Residential
151Land adj Colchester Road, West Mersea5.129Residential
152Brook Hall, Chappel2.001Residential
153Bumblebee Farm, Layer Breton1.861Residential
154Park Lane, Langham0.745Employment
155Land south of Halstead Road, EAG0.802Mixed
156Land east of Swan Street, Chappel2.649Residential
157Land north of Bacon's Lane, Chappel1.542Residential
158Land off Colchester Road, West Bergholt2.883Residential
159Land off Colchester Road, Wivenhoe12.76Residential
160Land off Elmstead Road, Wivenhoe0.972Residential
161Chapel Road, Tiptree1.213Residential
162The Willows, Foundry Lane, Copford5.324Retail/Leisure
163Aim Hire Site, Hawkins Road, Colchester0.508Mixed
164Horkesley Road, Boxted1.577Residential
165High Trees Farm, West Bergholt6.619Residential
166Water works, Grange Road, Tiptree2.544Residential
167Shaw's Farm, Parson's Heath6.187Residential
168Spring Lane, Colchester14.81Employment/Park&Ride
169Ipswich Road, Langham0.417Mixed
170Ponys Farm, Kelvedon Road, Tiptree0.1441Mixed
171Towerend, Kelvedon Road, Tiptree1.974Mixed
172Stamps Farm, Birch Green1.19Residential
173Black Barn, The Folley, Layer de la Haye0.875Residential
174Land west of Brook Street, Colchester1.907Residential
175Cedar Brook, Great Horkesley1.816Mixed
176Land off Chapel Road, Langham1.865Residential
177Chestnut Farm, Abberton Road, Layer de la Haye2.31Residential
178Land off Ballast Quay Road, Fingringhoe73.2Mixed
179Stockbridge Farm, Newbridge Road, Layer Marney1.613Mixed
180Elmstead Road, Wivenhoe15.37Residential
181Green Farmhouse, School Road, Copford1.434Mixed
182Greyhound Hill, Langham5.012Mixed
183Hall Road, Copford1.913Residential
184High Street, Langham0.665Residential
185Horkesley Road, Boxted2.242Residential
186Irvine Road, Colchester0.809Open Space
187Ivy Lodge, Great Horkesley2.363Residential
188Rowhedge Road, Colchester0.725Residential
189School Lane, Great Wigborough1.532Residential
190Lakeview, Abberton Road, Layer de la Haye0.121Residential
191Coggeshall Road, Dedham Heath2.891Residential
192Gosbecks Farm Road, Gosbecks Road, Colchester1.389Mixed
193Oak Road, Tiptree1.646Residential
194School Road, Langham0.08Residential
195Lower Road, Peldon0.759Residential
196Wigborough Road, Peldon0.647Employment/Leisure
197Colchester Road, West Mersea1.227Residential
198Inworth Lane, Wakes Colne0.935Residential
199Pennsylvania Lane, Tiptree3.214Residential
200West House Farm, Bakers Lane, Colchester0.847Residential
201Rig, School Road, Langham1.006Residential
202School Road, Copford6.11Residential/Leisure
203Woodview Farm, Colchester Road, Tiptree0.536Residential
204Chestnut Farm, Abberton Road, Layer de la Haye2.13Residential
205Hosplant, St Ives Road, Peldon2.914Mixed
206The Lindens, Chapel Road, Fingringhoe0.743Residential
207Haycocks Lane, West Mersea1.648Employment
208Halstead Road, EAG1.172Residential
211Popes Lane, Chappel2.074Residential
212Magdalen Street, Colchester0.06Residential
213Long Road East, Dedham Heath0.378Residential
214Haynes Green Road, Layer Marney2.394Mixed
215Ivy Lodge (Site 2), Great Horkesley4.104Residential
216Ivy Lodge, Great Horkesley9.128Residential
217Ivy Lodge, Great Horkesley11.85Residential
218Nursery, London Road, Little Horkesley3.308Residential
219Home Farm, London Road, Great Horkesley4.083Residential
220School Road, Langham0.363Employment
221Langham Garden Village441.4Mixed
222Shatters Road, Layer Breton0.187Residential
223Shatters Road, Layer Breton0.456Residential
225The Cedars, The Causeway, Great Horks0.782Residential
226Fiddlers Hill, Fordham Heath8.035Residential
227Church Farm, Church Lane, Marks Tey1.377Residential
228Fourwinds, Pennsylvania Lane, Tiptree1.657Residential
229Equity House, North Station Road, Colchester0.761Mixed
230Old House Road, Great Horkesley16.12Residential
231Land north of Coach Road, Great Horkesley7.654Residential
232Land south of Coach Road, Great Horkesley16.11Residential
233Green Lane, Great Horkesley6.669Residential
234Land south of High Street, Langham0.83Residential
235Salmon's Corner, Great Tey0.373Residential
236Brickworks, Church Lane, Marks Tey37.99Residential
237Glebe Lane, Abberton2.826Residential
238Picketts Fm (A), Church Ln, Fingringhoe3.18Residential
239Picketts Fm (B), Church Ln, Fingringhoe4.374Residential
240Blackbrook Stud, Ivy Lodge Rd, Great Horkesley7.648Residential
241Layer Road, Colchester0.69Residential
242London Road, Stanway0.72Residential
243Long Road East, Dedham Heath0.48Residential
244Long Road East, Dedham Heath1.497Residential
245Mulberry Green, Copford0.9Residential
246Kingsford Business Centre, Layer de la Haye0.95Residential
247Park Lane, Langham0.11Residential
248Motts Lane, Marks Tey1.245Residential
249Bakers Lane, Colchester1.95Residential
250Ardleigh Road, Dedham1.05Residential
251Colchester Road, Tiptree2.68Residential
252Newbridge Road, Tiptree3.07Residential
052AMersea Road, Peldon1.227Residential
052BLower Road, Peldon1.064Residential
052CLower Road, Peldon1.66Residential
058AColchester Road, Wakes Colne1.332Residential
058BBures Road, Wakes Colne2.637Residential
067ABrook Street, Colchester1.929Residential
067BMagdalen Street, Colchester0.063Residential
086ABraiswick Golf Club Site A2.19Residential
086BBraiswick Golf Club Site B1.658Residential
089XWest Tendring Site132Mixed
089YWest Tendring Site409.3Mixed
089ZWest Tendring Site153.6Mixed


If you have any questions about the Call for Sites or the wider Local Plan process please contact the Planning Policy team on