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Approved Road Closures; Safety Advisory Group; Marches, Parties and Parades

Safety Advisory Group

The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) has been organised for authorities and agencies to liaise in relation to public events which are proposed to be held within the Colchester Borough. The SAG will help ensure events operate in a safe manner and in consideration for those affected by the event. The SAG will therefore provide assistance in ensuring event organisers are aware of and meet their responsibilities.

The importance of events occurring is recognised and the operation of the events is encouraged where they are suitably organised and operated.

The core members will comprise senior officers (or their representatives) from the following agencies:-

  • Lucie Breadman, Head of Service, Colchester Borough Council
  • Cassandra Clements, Group Manager - Zones & Parks, Colchester Borough Council
  • Carl Free, Health and Safety Advisor, Colchester Borough Council
  • Will Jenkins, Events Manager, Colchester Borough Council
  • Jon Ruder, Licensing, Food and Safety Manager, Colchester Borough Council
  • Alison Chapman, Health & Safety Officer, Colchester Borough Council
  • Andy Champ, ITS and Congestion Specialist, Essex Highways
  • Justin Lockerbie, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service
  • Insp Danielle Booth, Essex Police
  • Chief Inspector Richard Phillibrown, Chief Inspector, Essex Police
  • Gareth Boynton, Senior Resilience Manager (Ambulance Service)

To view the SAG terms of reference and protocols please click pdf icon here. [166kb]

A guide to health, safety and welfare at music and similar events is displayed on the Health & Safety Executive's Website.

Proposed Road Closures

Planned closures notified to the Council will be listed in the table below.  

Organisers are asked to tell the Council if they change their plans, however events may sometimes be cancelled at short notice.  

The Council has no control over the cancellation or curtailment of events run by private individuals or other organisations and can accept no liability for the accuracy of information supplied by external event organisers.

Event and Roads affected

Date of road closure

Road closure times

Responsible CBC Officer

pdf icon Bourne Road - Tree Felling [132kb]7 November 20178am - 16.30pm

Lee Copping

Applying to close a road

Marches, processions and parades

If you are planning a march, procession or parade along public roads this will usually mean that those roads will have to be closed to traffic for the safety of all concerned.  To close a public road in the Borough you will need to apply for permission from Colchester Borough Council. 

How to apply

1.     Check with the Police whether the area you have chosen for your event is suitable. The Council will do this anyway through their consultation process but it would be best for you to discuss your plans with the Police first.  Click here to contact your Neighbourhood Policing team.

2.     Print and complete both these forms:  
         pdf icon Application form and notes for Road Closure [66kb]
 pdf icon Road Closure Event Risk Management Guidance [32kb]
and send them to:
         Operational Services PSU
         Colchester Borough Council
         Rowan House
         33 Sheepen Road
         CO3 3WG
         Or email to:

3.     The Council will consider your application, consult Essex County Council and Essex Police and then tell you the outcome.  

4.     If your application is approved, you will then have to inform all residents and businesses that may be affected by your event.

5.    There may be charges for a road closure, ranging from £50 to £2000. 

6.    As well as applying to the Council, you may also be required to hold Public Liability Insurance and a PRS Music Licence.

Street Parties

Thinking of having a party in your street? Lots of people in Colchester make their summers extra special by sharing food, playing games and enjoying music with their neighbours.  If this sounds like something you would like to do please check out the information below:

Type of Road

Bigger streets or thoroughfare events The Council may have to charge a fee to close roads for bigger events.

No Through Roads or traffic-free areas If you're planning to hold your street party in this sort of area, Colchester Borough Council might not charge at all.

Noise levels - Please be considerate!  Make sure that everyone who is likely to be affected knows in advance when and where the party is taking place.  Some neighbours may not be involved with your street party, so please be reasonable about noise, especially if your party is carrying on later in to the evening.  A really high level of noise going on for a long time or late in to the evening could lead the Council not approving any further applications that you might want to make.

How to apply to organise a street party Please print and complete the two forms below, then send them to 'Operational Services PSU' at the address given above.

pdf icon Street Party Application Form [65kb] pdf icon Risk Assesment Form [54kb]

For more information or advice about applying to close a street for an event please email .  

Road works and other road closures

Public highways in the Borough are maintained by Essex County Council.  If you need to dig in or near a public road or public footpath or want to report a highway problem please visit  Essex County Highways.  Details of planned road works can be found at  Essex Highways live travel information.

Music at public events - Performing Rights Society

You may be required to have a licence from the  Performing Rights Society (PRS) to have music at a public event.  You will need to contact the PRS yourself in advance. Details of how to get a PRS licence can be found here.

The PRS is the United Kingdom association of composers, songwriters and music publishers.