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Colchester Borough Council recognises that there is going to be significant population and employment growth that must be reflected in and supported by the provision of an improved transport network in the town centre.

Hythe station hoardings

The Council is working closely with Essex County Council and other groups to improve accessibility, reduce traffic and create opportunities to change travel behaviour as part of a comprehensive Delivery Plan for Traffic and Transport in the town centre.

The improvements in accessibility for all modes of transport will be delivered by enhancing existing and providing new sustainable transport links and by encouraging new developments that reduce the need to travel where possible. The improvements in transport will provide better connections between communities and key locations in and around the town centre and in congested areas the Council will seek to prioritise the movement of sustainable transport.

Future development in the Borough will be focused on highly accessible locations to reduce the need for travel and developments that are car dependant or promote unsustainable travel behaviour will not be supported.

Changes in travel behaviour towards more sustainable methods will be encouraged through travel plans, improvements to gateways to the town like the area at North Station and by managing travel demand and prioritisation of public transport ,walking and cycling. Major developments, employers and institutions will be encouraged to develop travel plans to promote sustainable travel behaviour.

The quality of gateways to the town will be enhanced, whilst traffic and car parking will be carefully managed to encourage changes in modes of travel and encourage sustainable travel within Colchester.

More information about the delivery of transport infrastructure in Colchester can be found in the Council's Core Strategy document and the Core Strategy's evidence base.