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We recognise that significant population and employment growth must be supported by a variety of improvements to Colchester's transport network.

Walking and Cycling

Within the Garrison development area a number of transport developments will provide better links for walking and cycling in the area and improve access to the town centre and throughout the Borough.

A network of green links for walking and cycling are being created from Abbey Field to the southern boundary of the site, connecting with an east-west link between Layer Road and the cemetery off Mersea Road.

Cycle and pedestrian links are also being improved between existing adjacent residential areas including Colchester Town Centre and Colchester Town Railway Station which will tie in with improvements to the St. Botolph's area.


A new east-west local distributor road has been created linking Butt Road with Military Road via Goojerat Road, Circular Road South, Berechurch Road and Roberts Road. The former Garrison roads forming part of this link will need to be upgraded to meet highway standards.

Car parking

In accordance with Colchester Borough Council's Transport Strategy three car parks (creating a total of 270 spaces) will be provided within the Garrison development areas for public use. These will allow motorists approaching Colchester from the south to park near the town centre rather than having to drive all the way in. The site of the present car park on Butt Road will be retained and two new car parks have been built at the junction of Napier Road and Mersea Road (85 spaces) and to the south of Napier Road (35 spaces).