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The Garrison site lies south of the town centre separated from it by the Southway dual carriageway. Colchester Conservation Area No.1 and other residential streets are situated between Southway and its northern boundary. It covers an area of 297.57 hectares extending to Berechurch Hall Road in the south, beyond which lies mixed woodland and open countryside. On the east and west sides the site is surrounded by predominantly residential development.

The former garrison buildings principally occupy the northern part of the site around Abbey Field, an area of green open space. The southern area of the site around Roman Barracks is semi-rural and includes areas of arable land. The MoD's new Garrison has been constructed in these southern areas on the Kirkee, McMunn and Roman Barracks sites.

Due to its military use, the site has not been fully integrated with the rest of the town and has retained a distinct identity with several listed and other historically interesting buildings, mature trees and landscape features. The focus of the area is the 29 hectare open parkland of Abbey Field with its tree-lined roads, sports pavilion, running track and various pitches including the cricket field.

This area of some 134 hectares is now being developed into an urban village making use of many of these important and unique features.