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Arts Projects

Various art projects have taken place in East Colchester bringing together local groups, residents, developers and artists which have helped to develop the area as a vibrant and attractive area. It has also helped to bring out and highlight the important history of this area for future generations.

Town to Port Trail

There is improved access to the Hythe, interpretation of the history and heritage of the area including the River.  Part of this has been the provision of wayfinding and interpretation installations to highlight the history and importance of the Hythe to Colchester.  In addition, the old Hythe bridge has been rejuvenated and work has been carried out to improve access to and use of paths in the Hythe and along the riverbank back to Rowhedge.



Town to Sea Trail

The Town to Sea trail is a new trail which runs from Colchester Town Centre near Firstsite to King Edward Quay. The trail is marked by 15 contemporary artworks located at key junctions along the route, which tell the story of the area and its rich history.

Many of the markers are directly linked with the river, such as cargoes, transport and boat building; others are a response to specific locations, such as the Moors and its wildlife, whilst some explore little known historic facts and traditions.

The designs for the artworks were developed with residents and local groups. Click here for more information..

Town to Sea Trail Raven waymarker

Albany Gardens sculpture

Artist Les Bicknell spent a year working with former and current residents to record their memories and gain an understanding of the changes Distillery Pond, an old laundry works and the surrounding area have gone through. Bicknell's research has uncovered amusing, heart-felt and sometimes poignant memories people have of the location, which he has reflected in his sculpture set in the award winning pocket park. Barratts funded the project with the support of Colchester Borough Council.

Artist Les Bicknell's sculpture at Albany Gardens