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Hythe Station Revitalised

Improvement works at East Colchester's Hythe Station are now complete.

Work to upgrade Hythe Station and extend the platforms has been completed, which has improved transport links to the town centre and enabled commuters to travel directly into the capital from the station.

The Station improvements including replacing the existing station building with new waiting facilities, lighting, CCTV, landscaping and covered space for up to 24 bikes (with room for expansion if usage is high) has been paid for with a £600,000 Haven Gateway New Growth Point grant.

The appearance of the station has also been enhanced by an innovative public art project called "The 9.03". It involved the installation of over 60 meters of hoardings which have been decorated with attractive artwork and poetry designed by local artists, influenced by the history and the context of the Hythe.

Commissioned artists Martin Newell and Dale Devereux Barker worked with the East Colchester community to produce hoardings as an attractive focal point within the station. 

Cycle racks and new waiting facilities at Hythe station Hythe station hoardings Improvements at Hythe station