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In East Colchester, a number of transport developments will provide better links both in the area and to and from the area. Walking and cycling routes have been improved and extended to improve access throughout East Colchester, whilst improvements and upgrade work has made it easier to travel by train from and to Hythe Station.

An ambitious art project was delivered in 2010 to develop hoardings, which run either side of the platforms to camouflage the unsightly industrial view.

Plans are also being considered on an East Colchester traffic corridor, which will also improve access in and out of East Colchester.

A new passenger foot-ferry service from Brightlingsea to Colchester via Wivenhoe and Rowhedge commenced on 31 July 2012, which is managed by Brightlingsea Harbour Commissioners and was funded by the EU Transcoast Project.

Colchester Borough Council and Essex County Council recognise that significant population and employment growth must be supported by a variety of improvements to Colchester's transport network.

For more information about the overall plans for transport in Colchester visit our Transport pages.