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Roads and traffic


Unlike the three other regeneration areas in Colchester, the North Colchester regeneration area will open up new land for development. This means that as well as developing existing links to and from the area new infrastructure will need to be put in place to provide movement through the area.


New A12 junction

Working in partnership with Colchester Borough Council, Essex County Council secured £11.2 million from Community Infrastructure Fund, which enabled the delivery of the new A12 junction 28 in North Colchester, including a joined double (or dumb-bell) roundabout and four slip roads. A short stretch of link road between the new A12 junction and the existing Axial Road Roundabout (pictured right) was also delivered.

Work started in December 2009 on the new junction on land owned by Colchester Borough Council and was opened in December 2010, on budget and 3 months ahead of schedule.

The scheme will enable the development of the former Severalls Hospital site including around 1,500 new homes and facilitate the release of 129,320m2 of employment and commercial floorspace creating new jobs.

The new junction also improves access to existing housing in North Colchester and local businesses, reduces congestion on the local road network and at the busy A12 Crown Interchange and provides improved access to the Weston Homes Community Stadium.

Northern Approach Road

The Colchester Northern Approach Road has been a major policy objective of the Borough Council for many years. 

Providing a north-south artery the road will link the A12 and North Station.

The Northern Approaches has been built in phases, each linked with a major tract of development land.  The first phase was linked to the development of Turner Rise.  The Turner Rise area has been developed with housing, a retail park and a new Asda supermarket and this led to the widening of the rail bridge and the creation of a new highway link past Asda back to Turner Road in the late 1990s.

The second phase, running from Asda, behind the District General Hospital, crossing Mill Road and through behind Defoe Crescent to the Ford Lane junction on the Nayland Road, was completed later, in association with the release of a large tract of surplus NHS land for housing development. 

The third and final section links from behind Defoe Crescent up to the new A12 junction and through the residential development of the Severalls Hospital. This final section also provides a two-lane busway to the new Park and Ride site.

East-west link road

As part of the construction of a new Fläkt Woods factory, developers The Churchmanor Estates Company plc, created the first section of the new East-West link road, Axial Way from Severalls Lane back in 2006.

The extension of this road and the new United Way, which provides access to the Weston Homes Community Stadium was carried out by the Easter Group as part of the construction of Easter Park, a development of high quality small to medium sized industrial units.

Access from Boxted Road to the Weston Homes Community Stadium is for buses only. For more information about the Stadium Transport Plan including details of a free bus service from Bruff Close to the new Community Stadium visit our Stadium pages..

New roundabouts have also been put in place which will provide links to the new residential sites and employment areas as well as the new A12 junction.