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Town Wall

Colchester has no greater defining characteristic than its Town Wall; it has stood for nearly 2000 years directing the geographic and historical direction of the town. Evidence suggests that the Wall are the earliest defences of their kind built by the Romans in this country and unlike many other walled towns in Britain subsequent alterations have failed to alter its essential Roman character. The Wall is therefore of outstanding national archaeological importance, as well as being a major source of civic pride.

Town wall As shown in the map, the Wall plays a significant part in defining the character of the town centre. Sections of the Wall in the St. Botolph's area (the bottom right hand corner of the map) are of particular interest as the bastions are still intact.

Over the next few years we will be looking to improve Priory Street car park creating better access to the Town Wall and enhancing the visual impact of the Wall to serve as a visitor and leisure facility, and a buffer between the new development and the houses in Priory Street.

The link between the Priory Street area and the new Cultural Quarter will be improved by providing two 'access points' through the Wall. These access points are based on two existing entrances on the Wall and will only be enhanced to provide the proposed links.

The Town Wall is also an important element of the design for the new Vineyard Gate retail development.