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Street Naming and Numbering

Colchester Borough Council is responsible for ensuring that streets are named and properties are numbered.

If you want to change an existing address or create an address for a new property, please apply to Colchester Borough Council following the procedures outlined in this policy. You can do this online - please follow the links below.


Street naming and numbering orders

Street Naming and Numbering Orders are issued for developments of five or more properties, once Colchester Borough Council has approved and agreed new street names with local councillors, assigned property numbers and the Royal Mail has allocated postcodes. Orders are not issued for property name changes, or infill development.


Street Naming and Numbering Policy

The Street Naming and Numbering Team created a policy in accordance with national best practice which was adopted by the authority in June 2009. 

Street Naming and Numbering for changing the address of an existing property, or for addressing new property, is provided free of charge.  There will be a charge for changing addresses on a new development that has already been issued an official address by Colchester Borough Council.

An alteration to a previously named/numbered development has the following charge: £10 per plot affected (where there is a minimum charge of £50.00) and £100 per street name changed.