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Authority Monitoring Reports

The Colchester Authority Monitoring Report provides information on all aspects of the planning department's performance.

Every year the Council's Planning Policy team collects and analyses a wide range of development statistics from within Colchester Borough. This helps the Council to achieve a better understanding of changes in development patterns in the Borough and helps us to refine our planning policies to take account of important trends whilst also providing information for stakeholders to understand local development activity.

Although the requirement of local authorities to prepare and publicise an Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) was removed in April 2012, the Council will continue to produce an annual report as an effective means of monitoring its planning performance. In line with national policy the Annual Monitoring Report has been renamed the Authority Monitoring Report.

The most recent report covers the year 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016 and is available here:  pdf icon AMR 2016 [928kb]

For further information contact Planning Policy through