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Health and Safety at Work

Who enforces Health and Safety?
Health and Safety laws are enforced by either the Health or Safety Executive (HSE) or the Local Authority, depending upon the main work activity carried out.

Premises where Colchester Borough Council (CBC) is the enforcing authority include:

  • offices
  • shops
  • hotels and catering premises
  • warehouses
  • leisure and consumer services
  • tyre and exhaust fitters

For advice relating to CBC enforced premises, or if you are unsure who the correct enforcing authority is, please contact us.

Premises where the HSE is the enforcing authority include: 

  • Construction / demolition
  • manufacturing / factories
  • agriculture
  • hospitals
  • educational establishments
  • motor vehicle repair

​For advice relating to HSE enforced premises please contact the HSE.

We are committed to working in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive, other local authorities and businesses to promote health and safety. We will take enforcement activity when necessary and in accordance with pdf icon Enforcement Policy [24kb], and our pdf icon Service Plan [771kb].