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Our commitment to children and young people

Through surveys carried out by the Borough one of the consistent priorities to emerge has been the provision of "things for young people to do". The Council recognises that today's teenagers will benefit most from our ambitious vision and we want to encourage their positive contribution in its development and realisation. We know, however, that young people do struggle to find local government relevant to them and the Council is committed to developing communication methods that suit these important citizens.

The Council is also keen to work in partnership with all organisations and agencies that provide services to children, young people and their families to ensure that their needs are being met and that resources are being used effectively.
To meet these objectives we will:
  • Take a lead role in progressing the work of the Colchester Children and Young People's Strategic Partnership (CYPSP) to develop and improve services to children, young people and their families and link with Colchester 2020, our local strategic partnership
  • Play an active role in supporting the Colchester Youth Council
  • Provide support to and actively engage with the borough's democratically elected young people to the UK Youth Parliament and the Young Essex Assembly
  • Enable practical projects to develop more facilities and activities for teenagers
  • Support the development of free informal social meeting places
  • Work with our partners in the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP) to reduce anti-social behaviour amongst young people
  • Work closely with the Borough's primary and secondary schools through the two Local Delivery Groups (LDG's), 'Child First' and 'Colchester West' to influence and educate young people with a particular emphasis on personal, social and health education and increasing the opportunities for young people to volunteer in their community
  • With our partners establish, support and develop the Colchester Youth Awards