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Information for Drivers

A proposal to increase hackney fares within the Borough is currently being advertised.  The new taxi tariffs are shown (below).  Any objections to the proposed increase must be made in writing to the Licensing and Food Safety Manager, Colchester Borough Council, Rowan House, 33 Sheepen Road, Colchester CO3 3WG or via email to by 21 September 2016.

pdf icon Hackney Carriage Tariff up to 4 Passengers [107kb]

pdf icon Hackney Carriage Tariff 5-8 Passengers [109kb]


Representatives of the local hackney carriage and private hire businesses meet with representatives of the Council's Licensing Team and Customer Service Centre on a regular basis to discuss any current issues affecting the trades. If you have any matters that you would like raised at a meeting or wish to comment on any previous actions please contact one of the representatives and they will be happy to act on your behalf.

Private Hire
Dave Boylan, Minicab Services -
Christine Hardy, Panther Cabs -
Tony Tokley, PDQ Cars Ltd -

Hackney Carriage
Barry Parker, Chairman - Colchester Hackney Carriage Association -
Charlie Isbyll, Vice Chairman - Colchester Hackney Carriage Association
David Green, Secretary - Colchester Hackney Carriage Association -
Colchester Hackney Carriage Website

The dates of the forthcoming meetings and subsequent notes are published below.

pdf icon Meeting Notes 4 August 2015 [22kb]

Next meeting date:   To be advised

Attention all drivers - Warning of enforcement action

Listed below are some of the offences that officers are finding on a regular basis when out in the district.  Failure to comply with the Council's policy will result in points being issued on your hackney carriage/private hire driver's licence. It should also be noted that some offences such as the smoking carry a fixed penalty notice. Please ensure that you adhere to the Council policy, legislation and understand the driver conditions and the penalty point scheme.  For further information please read thepdf icon policy [625kb].

  • Failure to display door signs
  • Vehicle unattended at a rank
  • Smoking in a private hire or hackney carriage vehicle (including electronic cigarette)
  • Using mobile phone whilst driving
  • Parking in a loading bay
  • Private hire vehicles parking on a rank
  • Unsuitable dress when working
  • Display of plate
  • Leaving a hackney carriage vehicle unattended on the rank
  • HC rank discipline

For the enforcement action taken so far this year please read pdf icon Enforcement Since January 2015 [19kb]

To all drivers of the Private Hire and Hackney Carriage trade. As part of compliance inspections, over the course of this year (the months March to December 2015) test purchasing will be carried out within the Borough of Colchester. This may be carried out by officers of the Council or persons appointed by us. Please make sure that your Tariffs and Private Hire costs are up to date and available at all times as they may be requested.

Vehicle Testing

Vehicles that are 5 to 12 years old must be tested twice a year. You will be notified in writing of the time and date when the vehicle is required for inspection. This examination is in addition to the vehicles MOT and does not replace the requirement for the vehicle to hold a MOT Certificate. Full details can be found in Section 23 of the pdf icon Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy. [625kb]

Disclosure and Barring Service

Please note the contact details for the Disclosure and Barring Service have changed.

DBS Helpline: 03000 200 190                                       
Minicom: 03000 200 192

Completed DBS application forms should be sent to:

Disclosure & Barring Service                                                                                                                                                                          
PO Box 3961                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Wootton Bassett                                                                                                                                                                                             

Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles - Lost and Found Property

The Council has changed the way it asks drivers of private hire and hackney carriage vehicles to deal with lost property following a change in the arrangements for depositing items at the Police Station. Amendments have also been made for owners seeking to locate lost property.

Found Property

Private Hire Drivers -Items found in private hire vehicles must be passed by the driver to the operator within 24hours. The operator should then register them on Essex Police's website (Found Property).  This will notify the Police data base that an item has been found should a member of the public call 101. The operator should keep any items deposited with it for a minimum of 28 days. 

Hackney Carriage Drivers - Items found in a hackney carriage, must be registered by the driver on Essex Police's website. Items should be held for a minimum of 28 days. 

The following found items must be surrendered to the Police and cannot be retained:

  • Firearms - This item is a threat to your safety. It is unlawful for you to retain this item without a valid licence, please call 999 and Essex Police will arrange for collection. 
  • Explosive Material - This item is a threat to your safety. It is unlawful for you to retain this item, please call 999 and Essex Police will arrange for collection. 
  • Knives/Offensive Weapons/Drugs/Unidentified substances - This item is a threat to your safety. It is unlawful for you to retain this item, please call 101 and Essex Police will arrange for collection. 
  • Offensive Material/ Items believed to be used in or in connection with a crime - It is unlawful for you to retain this item, please call 101 and Essex Police will arrange for collection. 

In addition to the above Passport/Driving Licence or other government documents for security reasons must be sent back to the issuing authority as it is unlawful for you to retain these items.

Lost Property

If you have suspect you have lost an item in a licensed vehicle please first back track and check the places you have been.

If you are certain that item was left in a licensed vehicle you should contact either the operator, in the case of private hire vehicles, or the hackney carriage driver in the case of a taxi.

In both cases the badge number of the driver will make it much quicker to  locate the driver.

In the case of a hackney carriage vechicle, the car will also have a licensed plate number. If these steps do not locate the item please report the loss on Essex Police's website (Lost Property). This will notify the Police data base and may also link up with the found information.