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Animal Boarding Establishments

The definition of an Animal Boarding Establishment is the carrying on of any business at any premises (including a private dwelling) of providing accommodation for other people's cats and dogs.

You should also note that planning permission is almost certain to be required before such a business can proceed. Further advice can be obtained from the Planning Team.

What is required for a licence?
In order to ensure animals are boarded safely, humanely, and without the risk of disease, the following basic requirements will be sought:-

  • A register to be kept of all animals boarding
  • Animals only accepted with current and appropriate vaccinations
  • Accommodation to meet the Council's approval in terms of construction, size, ventilation etc.
  • Animals to be supplied with suitable, food, drink, and exercise
  • All establishments must have satisfactory cleaning and hygiene practices to prevent disease spread
  • Emergency procedures and appropriate insurance cover must be provided

The Premises may be inspected by a member of the Council's Animal Control Team or Environmental Food Safety and Health and Safety Team and also, if required, a Veterinary Surgeon or Veterinary Practitioner.