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Dangerous Wild Animals

Any person wishing to keep certain species of 'dangerous wild animals' is required to hold a licence under the dangerous Wild Animals act 1976

This does not apply to Zoos, Circuses, or Pet Shops which are separately licensed.

The definition of "keeping" a dangerous wild animal by a person is if the animal is in his or her possession; for those times when an animal cannot be said to be in the possession of anybody it is treated as being in the possession of the person who last had it in his or her possession.

What is required before a licence can be granted?
The standards of safety and accommodation for the animal are paramount considerations for the Council when it is deciding whether to issue a licence. Please note that Public Liability insurance must also be held and proved by the owner of the animal upon any grant of a licence.

Premises and animals may be inspected by the Council's Food Safety and Health and Safety Team and Animal Control Team and also a Veterinary Surgeon or Practitioner that has been authorised by the Council.

There are a number of other criteria that must be satisfied before any grant of a licence would be agreed to by the Council. If you require any further information on what these are, please contact the Licensing Team.

To apply for a Dangerous Wild Animals  Licence, please download the application form from the 'Related Documents' below.