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Report a stray dog

Found dogs

We collect stray dogs lost and found in the Colchester area and keep them in a kennel.

If you find a stray dog you can:

  • Contact Animal Control on 01206 282581 Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm.
  • If the dog is wearing a collar and tag you could try and contact the dog owner yourself.
  • During busy periods it can take us some time to collect the dog. While you are waiting try walking the dog around the area that it was found keeping the dog visible to see if the owner is already looking for it.
  • Take the dog to a local vet and ask them to scan it to see if it is micro-chipped, if it is then they can contact the owner.
  • It is best not to feed the dog, just allow it some water (some dogs do not travel well once fed).

Lost dogs

If you have lost your dog you can:

  • Search the register of all the lost dogs that are reported to us.
  • Contact Animal Control on 01206 282581 Monday - Friday 9.00am -5.00pm.
  • Contact your local vets to see if it has been handed in and to report it missing.
  • If your dog is micro-chipped or is wearing a collar and tag we will contact you once it is found.
  • If you decide to look for your dog yourself make sure that we have a way to contact you should we find it first.
  • If it is micro-chipped call the chipping company to inform them.